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Rayleigh Instruments - Multifunction Meters

Multifunction Energy Meters for single phase and three phase MID and non MID energy monitoring applications - direct connection or current transformer operated with a range of communication protocols including pulse, Modbus and Mbus. DIN rail mounting, panel mounting models available.

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  • IME Nemo 96 HD Panel Mounted Single & Three Phase Network 0.5 Accuracy Class...

    • Single phase or 3-phase, 3 or 4-wire unbalanced load operation
    • Measured Voltage 80-500V 50/60 Hz (phase to phase)
    • Auxiliary Voltage 80-265Vac/110-300Vdc
    • -/1A or -/5A CT Input selectable
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  • IME Nemo D4-Le (Rogowski Kit) DIN Rail Mounted Three Phase Network Multifunction...

    • Network monitor + 3 Rogowsk current sensors
    • Three-phase network 80...500V (phase-phase)
    • Connection on dedicated Rogowski current sensors
    • Pulse output and RS485 communication by ModBus RTU/TCP or BACNET protocol
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  • IME Nemo D4-Le Single & Three Phase Network Din Rail Multifunction Energy Me...

    • 4 module wide 71.22mm
    • DIN rail mounting
    • Single & three phase (3 or 4 wire) network unbalanced load
    • Voltage, Current, Neutral current, Average current, Peak current (resettable), Frequency, Active and reactive apparent power, Phase active and reactive apparent power, Average power, Peak power (resettable), Power factor
    • Active energy class 0.5 (EN61557-12)
    • Reactive energy class 1 (EN61557-12)
    • Partial active energy and reactive energy(resettable)
    • Hours run, Phase sequence diagnostics, Harmonic analysis, Crest factor, Phase angle
    • Integrated Communication Protocols are *Pulsed output, *RS485 Modbus RTU (*depending on model ordered) or BACNET
    • –/1A or –/5A (selectable) current transformer operated
    • 80…450V direct or VT operated measured voltage
    • Programmable current transformer ratio
    • Programmable voltage transformer ratio
    • Auxiliary 80-265Vac/110-300Vdc or 20…150Vdc
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  • IME IF96014 - RS485 BacNet communication module

    • BACNET RS485 communication ‘Native BACNET’ module for use with Nemo 96HD and Nemo 96HD+ multifunction power monitors
    • BACNET MS-TP protocol
    • 78.8kb/s max baud rate
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8 Item(s)

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