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IME IF96011 - I/O & alarm pulse counting module


  • I/O & alarm pulse counting module for use with Nemo 96HD and Nemo 96HD+ multifunction power monitors
  • Digital I/O and alarm pulse counting module
  • 2 x potential free SPST-NO contact pulse inputs
  • 2 x 8 digit counting registers for display and transmission (resettable) - typical application, gas or water meter contact input
  • Display state of voltage level
  • 2 alarm output contacts for alarm or process control
  • Min and max
  • Normally energised or de-energised
  • Hysteresis 0…20%
  • Operating delay 0…99s
  • Reset delay 0…99s
  • Contact rating 5A 250Vac Cosø 1, 3A 250Vac Cos ø 0.4, 5A 30Vdc


I /O Digital and Alarms inputs 2 digital inputs, voltage level 0-12 / 24V dc
2 independent and resettable registers for pulse counting
2 independent and insulated alarms

IF96011 module used with meters of Nemo 966HD//HD+ series, allows the monitoring of electrical quantities through 2 alarms.
Besides, it allows to display state (0-12/24Vdc) as well as pulse counting
2 digital inputs (voltage).

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