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Thiim BVSA Battery Symmetry Monitoring Relay


  • Supply from the battery
  • LEDs indicate the status and the fault conditions
  • Latch for symmetry failure
  • Adjustable symmetry level
  • Adjustable Timeoff delay to prevent false alarm
  • Test and reset button on the relay
  • Terminals for remote test and reset


The BVSA is designed to give an early warning for cells, in a battery system, that are performing different from the other cells. The battery system being monitored must consist of two equal blocks coupled in series with an accessible centerpoint.

The measuring system is based on a comparison of the voltage from the two blocks. Over the lifetime they are charged and discharged equally and the voltage will, within close limits, be the same as long as all cells in both blocks are healthy. At the end of the lifetime, or if a cell is shorted, the two blocks will perform different. The BVSA will sense the difference in performance and the internal relay will give an early warning by dropping out. Information about which battery block that is defect is indicated by the LEDs on the front. In order to prevent false alarm the BVSA includes a timing function.

Detection of an early failure in battery cells within a battery system. For a complete monitoring system the BVSA can be used together with a standard battery voltage monitoring relay - type BMCD (HI/LOW).

Additional Information

Manufacturer Thiim
Product Name / Options Price (ex VAT)
Thiim BVSA-D024-AE3C Battery Symmetry Monitoring Relay 24V Socket Mounting - 40343 Call for Prices

Thiim BVSA-D048-AA3C Battery Symmetry Monitoring Relay 48V Rail Mounting - 41793 Call for Prices

Thiim BVSA-D024-AA3C Battery Symmetry Monitoring Relay 24V Rail Mounting - 40590 Call for Prices