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Elster A1140 MID Certified Three Phase Class 2 Programmable Polyphase Meter


  • Accuracy kWh Class 1 or 2 (EN 62053 -21) Wh Class A or B (EC Directive 2004/22/EC [MID) kvarh Class 2 or 3
  • Comprehensive tariff structure
  • Instrumentation
  • Modular design to allow future upgrades
  • Large digit (9.8 mm register digits) Liquid Crystal Display
  • IEC 62056-21 (formerly IEC 61107) optical communications port
  • Internal clock and calendar with battery back-up
  • Comprehensive security data
  • Display of external meter information
  • Compact design
  • DIN (BS) double insulated, glass filled polycarbonate case
  • IP53 in accordance with IEC 60529 : 1989


The Elster A1140 meter is available as CT operated A1140C or Direct Connected A1140DC and can be supplied in a number of variants that measure combinations of active energy, four quadrant reactive energy and kVAh.

The meter offers a ‘modular’ solution for remote communications, allowing the meter to be integrated into an AMI system at any time. Flexibility in communications provides the Utility with the means to employ the most cost effective communications method. The serial port provides power for a modem removing any requirement for external connections. The modem fits neatly under the terminal cover providing a high degree of protection against fraud or tampering.

Communications are provided via the optical (IEC 62056-21) port or serial port (optional). The meter supports data stream mode, allowing fast reading of meter data. The serial port can be multi-dropped, allowing access to up to 10 meters in a single installation. The Elster A1140 permits up to 90 days of load profile data to be collected in less than 30 seconds.

The meter offers extensive security data which includes a programming log with user ID. Further security can be provided as an option with terminal cover and main cover detection. As an alternative option, the later detection switch can be used to allow the CT ratio to be changed.

A count of the number of each event is recorded. A time and date stamp of the three most recent events together with the source is recorded. The count and time and date of the most recent event can be included in the display sequence.

The Liquid Crystal Display has large characters that can be viewed from a wide angle.

The display sequence is programmable and is supported by two modes of operation, default and utility. Displayed information can have English language identifiers or OBIS (Object Identification System) codes. The OBIS codes can be changed via the Power Master Unit.

Data received from external meters can be included in the display sequence.

Power Master Unit software provides a user-friendly WindowsTM graphical interface for programming the meter and reading meter data.

The A1140 calculates the following instrumentation values:-
  • Volts : (Phase A, B, C)
  • Current : (Phase A, B, C)
  • Watts : (Phase A, B, C, System)
  • Phase Angle : (Phase A, B, C)
  • Phase Rotation : (Phase A, B, C)
  • Power Factor : (Phase A, B, C, System)
  • Frequency : (Phase A, B, C)
  • Instrumentation values can be included in the display sequence.

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Manufacturer Elster
Product Name / Options Price (ex VAT)
Elster A1140CT Electronic Polyphase Meter (UK504-046) - CT Operated (Programming Sheet Required) Call for Prices

Elster A1140DC 100A Electronic Polyphase Meter (UK504-046) - Directly Connected Call for Prices

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