Price increase July 2019

Dear Valued Customer


As you are no doubt aware, the costs of raw material, labour and distribution have risen sharply over the last year.


To date, we have absorbed these additional costs. However, they have now reached a level at which we have no option other than to pass on a proportion of these to our customers.


Therefore, this will mean that from 1st January 2022 we must raise prices as shown below:-


  • Rayleigh Current Transformers +7.5%
  • Rayleigh Meters +5%
  • Other products have also increased in price, please contact our Sales Dept. for details


Orders placed before the end of December 2021 for delivery before the end of January 2022 will be accepted at today's prices.


We know that price increases are never welcome, but trust that you will understand the necessity of this action.


Should you wish to discuss this with me please do not hesitate to contact me directly or through your Field Sales contact.


Yours faithfully


Ryan Welshman
Sales Director - Standard Products