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IME TAIBB Solid Core Single Phase Measuring Current Transformer


  • Passing cable/ bus bar primary
  • Ranges: 40 to 300A (5A Secondary), 40 to 200A (1A Secondary)
  • Busbar window 16x12,5mm & ø 21mm Diameter able aperture
  • Accuracy class :- cl.0,5 - 1 - 3
  • Rated burden :- 1...7.5VA
  • Moulded terminal cover
  • Din rail mounting clip supplied

Technical Specifications
  • Secondary terminals M4 screws and 6.3 x 0.8mm fast-on
  • Weight 290g
  • Conforms to EN/IEC 61869-1, 61869-2

  • Optional sealable terminal cover (ATACOP12)


A primary winding solid core measuring current transformer, supplied with fixing feet/DIN rail clip and integral hinged terminal cover. This TAIBB current transformer has a 21mm diameter aperture and is available with primary currents from 40 to 300A.

TAIBB Ratings table

  • Housing material: self extinguishing polycarbonate
  • Protection degree (EN60529): IP40 housing - IP20 terminals
  • Option: sealable terminal cover
  • Mounting: snap-on 35mm rail, screw type for wall mounting
  • Rail type: top hat TH35-15 (EN60715)
  • Weight: 180 grams (Max.)

  • Primary winding: passing cable
  • Max. tightening torque for passing primary bar fixing screws: 0,2Nm
  • Secondary winding: screw terminals, max 2 separated wires 2,5mm
  • Connections label: primary winding P1(K) – P2(L), secondary winding s1(k) – s2(l)


Additional Information

Manufacturer IME (BTicino)
Product Name / Options Price (ex VAT)
TABB50B600 (60/5A) Call for Prices

TABB50B700 (70/5A) Call for Prices

TABB50B750 (75/5A) Call for Prices

TABB50B800 (80/5A) Call for Prices

TABB50C100 (100/5A) Call for Prices

TABB50C120 (120/5A) Call for Prices

TABB50C125 (125/5A) Call for Prices

TABB50C150 (150/5A) Call for Prices

TABB50C160 (160/5A) Call for Prices

TABB50C200 (200/5A) Call for Prices

TABB50C250 (250/5A) Call for Prices

TABB50C300 (300/5A) Call for Prices

TABB10B700 (70/1A) Call for Prices

TABB10B750 (75/1A) Call for Prices

TABB10B800 (80/1A) Call for Prices

TABB10C100 (100/1A) Call for Prices

TABB10C125 (125/1A) Call for Prices

TABB10C150 (150/1A) Call for Prices

TABB10C160 (160/1A) Call for Prices

TABB10C200 (200/1A) Call for Prices

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