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Thiim LMWB Load Monitoring Relay - Real Power Watt - 45 mm. 2 C/O


  • True power monitor for motors and other loads
  • Temperature monitoring of motor windings
  • Single and symmetric 3-Phase loads
  • 0,75kW, 1,5kW, 3kW and 6kW ranges w/o ext. CT
  • Min. and max. monitoring with individual or parallel working relays or 2 max. or 2 min. thresholds with individual relays
  • Adjustable start-up delay 1-100s
  • Off delay 0.1…50s
  • Recognition of disconnected load
  • Reset Key
  • Fault latch
  • Supply voltages selectable via power modules


The unit monitors the true power supplied to a single phase or a symmetrical 3-phase load up to 7,2kW without using external current transformers. For a higher resolution the LMWB has 4 ranges. The overload current can be up to 6 or 12A continuously depending on range. The LMWB has two adjustable set points that can be used for setting either one maximum and one minimum level or two individual min. or max. levels. The status of the load and each level is signalled by separate LED's and output relays.

When the load exceeds the set points an adjustable time delay controls the time from the fault is recognised until the relay drops out. During the delay time the LED related to the set point will indicate the condition by flashing until the relay reacts and the LED being permanently on. The relays can be latched in their fault position by bridging the terminals Y1 and Y2. The LED's will be on during the time where the relays are latched independently of the actual load status.

Releasing the latch can be done by interrupting the power supply or pressing the reset key. The unit is equipped with a start-up delay in order to suppress error messages during machine start. The delay period starts when supply voltage is applied. For a complete load protection the LMWB include a temperature monitor that can be used with the standard PTC resistors used in motor windings. The temperature monitor is overriding the load function on relay 2.

This item replaces the Thiim LMCA series

Additional Information

Manufacturer Thiim
Product Name / Options Price (ex VAT)
Thiim LMWB-M110-AB4C Load Monitoring Relay - 99 to 140 VAC - 45336 Call for Prices

Thiim LMWB-M230-AB4C Load Monitoring Relay - 198 to 264 VAC - 45335 Call for Prices

Thiim LMWB-M400-AB4C Load Monitoring Relay - 341 to 440 VAC - 45337 Call for Prices