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Thiim IMCA Multifunction Current Measuring Relay 45mm


  • For AC and DC current
  • Balanced input for noise immunity
  • Input current range from 0.5mA…10A
  • 12 programmable input ranges
  • 4 programmable times for power up reset
  • 4 programmable time ranges
  • Separate adjustable ON and OFF delay
  • Relay function can be inverted
  • Adjustable upper or lower limit and differential
  • Latch function available
  • LEDs indicate the state of the input
  • LEDs indicate the timing function
  • LED indicates the state of the relay
  • SMD technology
  • 0…1V DC control output for full scale (Only in 45 mm. housing)


The current relay is designed with a microcontroller. With programmable range, function and timing it can be programmed to cover all kinds of applications. The monitored current is fed through an internal shunt with a voltage drop of 50mV at full range. For extreme noise immunity the voltage is then amplified in a balanced amplifier, rectified, averaged and compared with a preset reference voltage.

AC and DC current between 1mA and 10A can be measured directly. By means of a current transformer or a shunt resistor the range can be extended without limits.

Level comparator used with transducers and transmitters.
Over or undercurrent monitoring of loads, batteries, generators, mains etc.


INPUT DC or AC current

Range From 0.5mA…10A
Input Range : Setpoint Range

B1 and B5 0.5…2.5mA
0.01A 1…5mA
socket type 1008 2…10mA

B1 and B4 5…25mA
0.1A 10…50mA
socket type 1009 20…100mA

B1 and B3 50 -250 mA
1A 0.1…0.5A
socket type 1000 0.2…1A

B1 and B2 0.5…2.5A
10A 1…5A
socket type 1001 2…10A

AC frequency range 45…440 Hz
Max. continuous input 1.42 x INOM
Input resistance 0.1 / IR
Ω (10Ω, 1Ω, 0.1Ω, 0.01Ω)

Power up, set or reset Dip switch settings. Fixed : 2 sec., 5 sec., 10 sec., 20 sec.

Time range during run Dip switch settings. Adjustable : 0…5 sec., 0…20 sec., 0…80 sec., 0…320 sec.

Differential Adjustable from 1 to 50 % of setting

Performance Parameters

Response time Approx. 100 msec.
Temp. dependence Typ. ±0.02% / °C
Supply dependence Typ. ±0.01% / % DU

Relay, 1 C/O or 2 C/O
Contact rating 6A, 250VAC, 1500W
Mechanical life 30 Million operations
DC output 0…1V DC (Only in 45 mm.)

AC and DC 18…360VDC and 20…264VAC with isolated switchmode
AC supply range 24V (From 20…28V) with transformer 110V (99…140V)
230 V (198…264V)
400 V (342…484V)
AC frequency range 45…440Hz
Power consumption 4VA, 3W

Temperature range -25°C…+55°C ambient
Humidity Up to 90% RH non-condensing
Dielectric test voltage Input to supply 4000 VAC
Coil to relay contacts 4000VAC
Pole to pole (45mm.) 2500VAC
Weight 0.19kg (35mm housing), 0.26kg (45mm housing)

Additional Information

Manufacturer Thiim
Product Name / Options Price (ex VAT)
Thiim IMCA-B110-DA4C Multi-function Current Measuring Relay, 0.5mA-10A 2C/O, 110VAC SUPPLY - 26350 Call for Prices

Thiim IMCA-B230-DA4C Multi-function Current Measuring Relay , 0.5mA-10A 2C/O, 230VAC SUPPLY - 25512 Call for Prices

Thiim IMCA-B400-DA4C Multi-function Current Measuring Relay, 0.5mA-10A 2C/O, 400VAC SUPPLY - 26351 Call for Prices