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Thiim DDEA DC Earth Leakage Relay 45mm


  • Monitors Insulation deterioration and faults and gives an early warning if a leak current exceeds a preset level
  • Programmable leak current limit from 0.2…30mA
  • Universal unit for a wide range of distribution system voltages Un from 20…500V.
  • Self-supplied from the distribution system
  • Time delay - on and off - individually adjustable
  • Relay function 2x1C/O (leak from + or -) or 1x2C/O
  • The relays work in Fail Safe mode
  • Latch function can be selected
  • 3-digit display shows actual current leak
  • LEDs indicate the status of the relay, latch and timing function


The DC earth leakage relay is designed to monitor unearthed DC IT systems for insulation deterioration or faults. The DDEA, that is power supplied from the system to be monitored, is connected to earth through an active current limited circuitry, trying to keep the earth voltage at half the system voltage. If there is a leak to ground from one of the supply lines the DDEA will compensate in order to keep the earth voltage at half the supply voltage. When the compensation current rises to a higher level than the set point the relay will switch, and the DDEA will let the earth float with the limited compensation current still running. This ensures that the special features of an unearthed system are still available while the fault can be found and repaired.

The internal relays can be set to work in parallel for a fault or individually for faults in the positive or the negative line. In the unlikely case that there is a balanced leak from both the positive and the negative supply line it will not be detected by the DDEA.

Performance Parameters
  • Response time Typical <200msec. Below 10mA and not pulsed earth leakage current. At higher current, voltage and ambient temperatures dependent on pause time. Max. 20sec.
  • Time range during run Programmable separate On and Off delay 0…99,9sec. MCU controlled.
  • Accuracy Set point ±2% within system voltage
  • Temp. dependence Typ. ±0.02% / °C
  • Display 3 digit LED
  • Current resolution 0.1mA
  • Time resolution 0.1sec.
  • RELAY 2 relays x 1C/O, AgNi/Au
  • Contact rating 6A, 250/400VDC, 1500W See figure for DC rating Mechanical life 20 million operations

Additional Information

Manufacturer Thiim
Product Name / Options Price (ex VAT)
Thiim DDEA-2050-PA4C DC Earth Leakage Relay 20 - 500 V ±10% - 43095 Call for Prices