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Rayleigh Instruments RI-ELR60 Earth Leakage Relay with Adjustable Trip Level


  • 2 Module width DIN rail mounted
  • True RMS Earth Leakage monitoring
  • Type A leakage detection
  • LED bargraph for indication of leakage current
  • Test and reset function
  • For use with RI-CBCT core balanced transformers
  • Single phase (2 wire) or 3 phase (3 or 4 wire)
  • Core balanced transformer error (open and short circuit)
  • SPDT relay output 5A
  • Selectable trip time delay
  • Selectable trip level
  • Failsafe output relay (required for Annex M)


The RI-ELR60 is an Earth Leakage relay with adjustable trip level and trip delay. The trip level may be selected between 30mA and 30A, and the trip delay between 0 and 9 seconds.

Note: When the trip level is set to 30mA, trip time is instantaneous.

Designed to detect low level leakage currents and to operate a contact if the leakage current exceeds the selected trip level. All phase conductors of the circuit being monitored are passed through the aperture of an RI-CBCT core balance transformer. The transformer output is connected to the relay which monitors the proportional leakage current.

An LED chain on the front of the relay provides visual indication of leakage current, along with power status and trip indication. A single change over contact is provided for alarm indication.

Adjustable trip level : 30mA…30A
Adjustable time delay : 0…30 seconds

Test/reset facility:-
1. Front panel push button
2. Remote through normally open push button contact
3. By removal and re-applying auxiliary supply

Note: The relay will remain in trip state until reset as above.

Standard Type A to IEC/EN60947-2 Annex M.

Response time:-
<30mS if leakage current ≥ 5 x set point
<50mS if leakage current ≥ 1 x set point

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Manufacturer Rayleigh Instruments


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