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Rayleigh Instruments RI-ELR20 Earth Leakage Relays with Fixed Trip Levels


  • 2 Module width DIN rail mounted
  • True RMS Earth Leakage monitoring
  • Type A leakage detection
  • LED bargraph for indication of leakage current
  • Fixed trip level preset to 30mA, 100mA or 300mA dependent on model
  • Test and reset function
  • For use with RI-CBCT core balanced transformers
  • Single-phase (2 wire) or 3 phase (3 or 4 wire)
  • Core balanced transformer error (open and short circuit)
  • SPDT relay output 5A
  • Annex M IEC60947-2:2016


The RI-ELR20 Series are fixed trip level Earth Leakage relays. The Series is available with trip levels preset to 30mA, 100mA, or 300mA.

Designed to detect low-level leakage currents and to operate a contact if the leakage current exceeds the selected trip level. All phase conductors of the circuit being monitored are passed through the aperture of an RI-CBCT core balance transformer. The transformer output is connected to the relay which monitors the proportional leakage current.

An LED chain on the front of the relay provides a visual indication of leakage current, along with power status and trip indication. A single change over contact is provided for alarm indication.

  • Preset trip level to 30mA, 100mA or 300mA
  • Test/reset facility:-
    1. Front panel push button
    2. Remote through normally open push button contact
    3. By removal and re-applying auxiliary supply
    Note: The relay will remain in trip state until reset as above
  • Standard Type A to IEC/EN60947-2
  • Response time:-
    <30mS if leakage current ≥ 5 x I∆n
    <50mS if leakage current ≥ 1 x I∆n

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