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Easywire - Save Time, Save Money...

Rayleigh Instruments has introduced a novel method of wiring and installing power meters and current transformers. The new 'EasyWire' system substantially reduces the time it takes to wire and install three phase current transformers and multifunction energy meters, thanks to a design that allows plug-in connections to be used for both current and voltage input/output. An RJ45 lead is used to connect transformer and meter, and ready-made plug-in leads are used for voltage input.

The meters are provided with both input and output voltage connections, which allow up to 32 meters to be daisy-chained to a common supply voltage via the first meter. There is a choice of five three-phase current transformer frames sizes, and a choice of two meter designs.

"Labour savings of up to 90% are possible when compared to traditional wiring methods with our new EasyWire system."

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  • Please Note: As with all electrical installations of this nature you should ensure that correct protection and isolation is installed in line with BS7671 17th Edition.