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Inepro PRO1-MOD 45A RS485/Modbus RTU MID Certified Two Tariffs Single Phase Network Multifunction Meter


  • Single phase network active energy meter
  • Conforms & Certified to MID B and D approval
  • 45A Direct connected
  • Dual/Two Tariff
  • 17.5mm wide/1 Module
  • Din Rail Mounted
  • LCD Display 5+2= 99999.99
  • Measured voltage 230V 50 Hz
  • Calculation of total energy : Forward, Forward+Reverse, Forward-Reverse, Reverse-Forward, Reverse
  • Pulse S0 is settable
  • Pulse output rate : 10.000, 2.000, 1.000, 100, 10, 1, 0.1 or 0.01 imp/kWh
  • Integrated Communication Protocols are pulse output or RS485/Modbus RTU


The PRO1 series is a range of 1 module, single phase Smart Energy Meters consisting of 4 different types, each with their specific characteristics. They have an exceptional combination of a high accuracy class (1/B) and a broad temperature range of -25°C…+45°C. Another unique feature is the Imax of 45A.

The PRO1 series is available as a standard version (with a selectable S0 output) and also as a Modbus, M-bus or 2-tariff version. It can communicate and be programmed via an infra-red input. The different communication modes have over 40 variables like kWh, active and reactive energy, forward and reverse energy as well as Cos phi. The PRO1 smart energy meter is equipped with a resettable day counter and the total energy usage can be calculated via 5 different modes.

PRO1-MOD Features

Technical Specifications
Height with protection cover : 116mm
Height without protection cover : 90mm
Width : 17.5mm
Depth : 63mm
Mounting : DIN rail
Active energy : ±1%
Starting current : 0.05Ib
Impulse S0 duration : T-on: 45ms T-off: 270ms T-t: 140us
Operating humidity : ≤75%
Storage humidity : ≤95%
Operating temperature : -25°…+55°C
Storage temperature : -30°…+70°C
Nominal Voltage (Un) : 230V AC
Operational Voltage : 195…253VAC
AC Voltage withstand for 1 min : 4KV
Impulse voltage 1.2uS Waveform : 6KV
Basic current (Ib) : 5A
Max current (Imax) : 45A
Operational current range : 0.4%Ib~Imax
Over current withstand : 30Imax for 0.01s
Operational frequency range : 45-60Hz
Int. power consumption : ≤2W/Phase - ≤10VA/Phase
Basic error : standard
International standard : EN50470-3
IP protection : 51
Protective class : II
Connection mode : U
Calculation of total energy : Forward, Forward+Reverse, Forward-Reverse, Reverse-Forward, Reverse

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Manufacturer Inepro


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