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IME Conto D4-Pd MID Approved Three Phase Network kWh Meter Direct Connected


  • Kilowatt hour meter / active energy meter
  • B and D MID Certified active energy meter
  • 4 module DIN rail mounting
  • Direct connection up to 63A
  • 3 phase 4 wire network unbalanced load
  • Active energy class B (EN50470)
  • Reactive energy class 2 (EN60253-23)
  • Total active energy
  • Total reactive energy
  • Partial active energy (resettable)
  • Partial reactive energy (resettable)
  • Phase current
  • Phase – neutral voltage
  • Phase – phase voltage
  • Active power (KW)
  • Reactive power (KVar)
  • Apparent power (KVA)
  • Phase active power (KW)
  • Phase reactive power (KVar)
  • Active power demand
  • Active power max demand
  • Frequency
  • Power factor
  • Hours run meter (resettable)
  • 230V/400V 50Hz measured voltage
  • 8 digit LCD display
  • Self supplied auxiliary
  • Pulsed output and RS485 communications


The Conto D4-Pd three phase network kWh meter.
The Conto D4-Pd is a 70mm DIN Rail mounted KWh (Kilowatt hour) active energy meter with either a pulse output or Modbus RS485 communications.
63A (per phase) direct input, on a 230/415V 50/60Hz system.

Additional Information

Manufacturer IME (BTicino)



Conto D4-Pd MID Instruction Manual Conto D4-Pd MID Instruction Manual 10782100W 10-11
Conto D4-Pd MID Protocol Handbook Conto D4-Pd MID Protocol Handbook - PR123-00
Conto D4-Pd MID Data sheet Conto D4-Pd MID Data sheet NT789-06
IME Annex D MID Certificate For CONTO Meters
Product Name / Options Price (ex VAT)
CE4DMID32 - Conto D4-Pd - MID (Pulse Output) Call for Prices

CE4DMID31 - Conto D4-Pd - MID (Modbus RS485) Call for Prices