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Elko HRN-35 Single Phase AC Voltage Monitoring Relay


  • Single phase AC operation
  • Under voltage and over voltage monitoring
  • Undervoltage setting 30…99% Vmax
  • 2-6% hysteresis
  • Adjustable trip delay 0…10 sec
  • Independent relay outputs for under voltage and over voltage
  • 2 Changeover contacts
  • Auxiliary self supplied


Monitoring relay series HRN-3x monitor levels of voltage in single - phase circuits. Monitored voltage serves also as supply voltage. It is possible to set two independent (all occurrences) levels of voltage, when exceeded the output is activated. HRN-33 and HRN-34 - in normal state the output relay is permanently switched. It switches off when there is a limit settings.

This combination of linkage of the output relay is advantageous when the full failure of supply (monitored) voltage is considered to be a faulty state in the same way as a decrease of voltage within the set level. Output relay is in both situations always switched off. Differently HRN-35 version uses independent relay for each level, in normal state it is switched off. If the upper level is exceeded (for example overvoltage) 1 relay switches on, when the bottom level (e.g. undervoltage) is exceeded 2 relay switches. It is thus possible to see the particular faulty state. To eliminate short peaks in the main the time delay, which is possible to be set in range 0…10s, is used. It functions when changing from normal to faulty state and prevents unavailing pulsation of the output relay caused by parasitive peaks. Time delay does not apply when changing from faulty to normal state, but hysteresis (1…6% depending on the voltage setting) apply.

Thanks to changeover contacts it is possible to get other configurations and functions according to actual requirements of the application.

Adjustable time delay for all types is 0…10s (to eliminate short voltage drops or peaks)
Voltage Umin adjusted as % of Umax
3-state indication - LEDs indicating normal state and 2 fault states
Supply from monitored voltage (monitors level of its own supply)
1-MODULE, DIN rail mounting

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