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EXR-M2K and EXR-S2K rayleighconnect Master & Slave wireless radio devices - 2 kilometre range


  • Radio Transmission
  • 2 Kilometre range
  • 18mm Wide DIN Rail Mounting
  • Wireless Modbus / RS485
  • Comes with 1 module 5v power pack
  • EXR-M2K-Master / EXR-S2K-Slave
  • Up to 128 slaves per master
  • SIM subscription not required with this model


The rayleighconnect™ radio EXR-M2K is perfect to be used when it is not possible to get all the Modbus devices on one gateway via a Modbus daisy chain.

The Master is connected next to the gateway and then the slaves are connected up to distances of 2 kilometres to the Modbus devices the slaves then radio over the information back to the master that is connected to the gateway where the information is then sent via the cloud to the rayleighconnect™ software platform. Master can connect up to 128 slaves and the slave will communicate with up to 16 Modbus devices.

The 2 kilometre distance is based on clear line of site. Distance will be shortened if obstructions are in the way. By using the wireless radio system on installations you cut the amount of SIM cards and gateways required which reduces the annual running costs.

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Manufacturer Rayleigh Instruments



Product Name / Options Price (ex VAT)
EXR-2MK - rayleighconnect Wireless Interface - Master 2Km Call for Prices

EXR-2SK - rayleighconnect Wireless Interface - Slave 2Km Call for Prices