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Elster A1700 Multi Utility Input Module MODVAL-L


  • Inputs for creation of end of billing and/or end of integration period
  • Inputs from external meters
  • Programmable scaling factor
  • Records input pulse or engineering units
  • Three customer defined registers
  • Input circuit detection without use of external power
  • Battery backed
  • Pulse collection continues when power to meter is removed
  • Class II isolation from meter


The modular design of the A1700 meter allows the systems performance to be enhanced by the introduction of an input module or an output module. These modules plug into the I/O module slot which is accessed by simply removing the meter terminal cover. Modules can be retrofitted without breaking the meter certification seal or removing power from the meter.

By installing an input module, existing A1700 installations can be upgraded to provide load profile data for external meters such as gas, water or electricity. Up to four inputs provide a cost-effective solution for multi-utility metering. The customer defined registers combine module inputs with the A1700 internal registers. This allows kWh total import, kWh total export or any of the four quadrant registers to be summated with any similar input.

The output module can be fitted in addition to the A1700 meters internal relays, providing a total of eight outputs. Two versions of the output module are available. MODVAB provides three solid state relays and one 5A relay for controlling an external load or contactor. MODVAC has four solid state relays. The solid state relays allow the A1700 to be integrated into an existing energy management system by providing the energy manager with any measured data from the meter. The re-transmission of the end of billing and end of integration period from the meter ensures the systems are synchronised. A demand alarm can be used to indicate that a programmed threshold has been exceeded.

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