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Elko TER-7 Thermostat monitoring temperature of motor winding, function "Memory".


  • monitors temperature in range of PTC thermistor
  • fixed levels of switching
  • PTC sensor is used for sensing, It is in-built in motor winding by its manufacturer
  • MEMORY function - active by DIP switch
  • RESET of faulty state:
  • a) button on the front panel
  • b) by external contact ( remote by two wires)
  • function of short-circuit or sensor disconnection monitoring, red LED fl ashing indicates faulty sensor
  • output contact: 2x changeover 8 A /250 V AC1
  • red LED shines and indicates exceeded temperature
  • terminals of sensor are galvanically separated, they can be shorted out by terminal PE without damaging the device
  • multivoltage supply AC/DC 24-240 V
  • 1-MODULE, DIN rail mounting


Monitoring heating of motor winding in range given by resistance of in-built PTC thermistor(1.8-3.3 kΩ) The device controls temperature of motor winding with PTC thermistor which is mostly placed in motor winding or very close to it. Resistance of PTC thermistor run to max 1.5 kΩ in cold stage. By temperature increase the resistance goes strongly up and by overrun the limit of 3.3 kΩ the contact of output relay switch off - mostly contactor controlling a motor. By temperature decrease and thereby decrease of thermistor resistance under 1.8 kΩ the output contact of relay again switches on. The relay has function “Control of sensor fault“. This controls interruption or disconnection of sensor.When switch is in position “TK” monitoring of faulty sensor is not functional - it is possibel to connect bimetal sensor with only 2 states: ON or OFF. The device can work with bi-metal sensor in this position. Other safety unit is function “Memory”. By temperature overrun (and output switches off ) the output is hold in faulty stage until service hit. This bring the relay to normal stage (with RESET button) on front panel or by external contact (remote).
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Elko TER-7 Thermistor Motor Protection Relay AC/ DC 24 - 240 V (AC 50-60Hz) Call for Prices