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Elko TER-9 Digital Thermostat with 6 functions and in-built time switch clock


  • Digital thermostat with 6 functions and built-in time switch clock with day, week and year program.
  • You can also limit temperature functions and courses this way in real time.
  • Complex control of home and water heating, solar heating, etc.
  • Two thermostats in one, two temperature inputs, two outputs with dry contact
  • Maximum universal and variable thermostat including all ordinary thermostat functions
  • Functions: two independent thermostats, dependent thermostat, differential thermostat, two level thermostat, zone-based thermostat, dead zone thermostat
  • Program setting of output functions, calibration of sensors according to reference temperature (off set)
  • The thermostat is subject to the digital clock programs
  • Wide operating range of temperature settings, the possibility of measuring in 0°C and 0°F
  • Clear display of set and measured data on a backlit LCD
  • Power supply: AC 230V or 24V AC/DC (based on type of device)
  • The time switch clock has a battery backup, which retains data in case of a power outage (reserve backup time - up to 3 years)
  • Easy replacement of the backup battery through the plug-in module, no disassembling is required
  • Output contact 1x changeover/SPDT 8A / 250V AC1 for each output
  • 2-MODULE, DIN rail mounting


2 temperature inputs, 2 outputs 8A changeover/ SPDT, 6 functions, in-built time switch clock.

Digital thermostat with 6 functions and in-built time switch clock, with daily and weekly program (as SHT-1/2). Thermo functions can be managed also in real time.

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Manufacturer Elko
Product Name / Options Price (ex VAT)
Elko TER-9 Multifunction digital thermostat AC/DC 24V Call for Prices

Elko TER-9 Multifunction digital thermostat AC 230 V (AC 50-60 Hz) Call for Prices