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Easywire Patented MRJ4M "Plug n Play" Din Rail Mounted Multi Function Energy Meter With Integrated Pulse OutPut & RS485/Modbus RTU - Single CT Connection


This product is no longer available - see bottom of page for new product

  • Single and 3 phase 4 wire network , balanced or unbalanced load operation
  • Integrated Built in single pulsed output and RS485 Modbus/RTU
  • 4 module DIN rail mounting
  • 330mV current transformer input


This product is no longer available - see bottom of page for new product

Designed for ease of installation. Rayleigh Instruments has introduced a novel method of wiring and installing power meters and current transformers. The new 'EasyWire' system substantially reduces the time it takes to wire and install three phase current transformers and multifunction energy meters, thanks to a design that allows plug-in connections to be used for both current and voltage input/output.

These savings are made possible due to the innovative design of both the current transformers and the meters, which allow plug in connectors to be used for both current and voltage input/output. An RJ45 lead is used for connecting between the three phase current transformer and meter, and 'readymade' plug in leads are used for the voltage input.

Daisy-chain up to 32 Meters!... Power up to 32 Energy Meters from a single power source.

Power-up your meter... Plug the ready-made ‘supply’ lead connector into your meter.
Connect the other, ferrule tipped, ends to the supply, not forgetting to use the correct fuses, and you’re done.

Connect your current transformer ...... Plug one end of the RJ45 lead into the multifunction power meter and the other end into the three-phase current transformer and you’re done - it’s that simple.

More than one meter?... Plug the ready-made ‘linking’ lead connector from your first meter to your second.

This system is safer than using traditional current transformers because Easywire transformers incorporate the resistive shunts usually located within the power meter. This means that the secondaries are always loaded, therefore eliminating the possibility of dangerously high voltages developing during open circuit conditions.

This allows the meter to current transformer to be disconnected without the need for secondary shorting terminals, again saving money and reducing downtime.

The MRJ4M Easywire Meter is designed so the MRJ4M meter has a daisy-chain voltage connection that means only a single volt reference (1 per phase) needs to be use for a group of meters.

Class Accuracy

Technical Specifications
European Patent Number 2663871- EasyWire Technology
UK Patent Number GB2487555 - EasyWire Technology
Hong Kong Patent Number HK1174434 - EasyWire Technology
Selectable CT phase correction allows reversal of L1 and L3
WIRING INPUT 3.Ø - 4 wire, 1.Ø - 2 wire
RATED INPUT VOLTAGE 60 TO 300Vac (L-N); 104-520Vac (L-L)
CT PRIMARY 5A to 10000A (Programmable for any value)
PT PRIMARY 100 to 10KVac (Programmable for any value)
PT SECONDARY 100 to 500Vac (Programmable for any value)
DISPLAY UPDATE TIME 1 Second for parameters
AUXILIARY Self supplied : Consumption > 8VA
Operating : 0 to 50°C
Storage : -20 to 75°C
HUMIDITY 85% non-condensing
MOUNTING DIN Rail mounting
WEIGHT MRJ4M : 191gms
Pulsed Output : Voltage range External 24VDC max
Currant capacity : 100mA

Additional Information

Manufacturer Rayleigh Instruments




MRJ4M Instruction Manual MRJ4M Instruction Manual Version 1.00
Product Name / Options Price (ex VAT)
MRJ4M - easywire Multifunction DIN Rail Meter - Pulse, RS485/Modbus Call for Prices

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