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Comitronic-BTI XR 530P Card access control with RFID encoding


  • Switching cycle : B10 = 1 million
  • Max activation distance : up to 25mm
  • Contact/diagnostics : 1 x 1.8A PNP timed 5s/2 x 200m APNP
  • Alarm 1 (120s failure to close) and 2 (30s breaking open)
  • Duration of alarms editable upon request (XR530P, P1 ... P10)
  • Detection encoding : 16 million
  • Indicator : LED indicates code recognition
  • Optional erasing card to reassign new codes
  • Encoding of geographic location : (base + E1 to E10)
  • Reset : automatic
  • Attachment : 4 tamper-proof M4 screws (in base option: BH4)
  • Mounting position : 2 (double wall brackets)
  • Material : PA6
  • Electrical Connection : 3, 6 or 12m (UL2464 PVC)
  • Sealing: IP 67
  • Temperature : -25°C…+70°C.
  • Marking : pad printing + serial number for traceability
  • Option : badge nail, screw, plate screw, key chain, card etc.
  • Application example : access to luxury showcases with lock control


Card access control with RFID encoding

RFID sensor with 16 million codes
Lock control and two alarm levels
Programmable code through auto-learning (no software or PC)

Application field
Protection of access in jewellery store windows for instance.

Mounting instructions
Equipped with double mounting brackets, XR530 can be easily fixed by using a 4mm diameter screw (stainless steel washers provided). Special stainless anti-tamper screws are available in option (ref OBH4). The receiver is mounted with 5.5mm diameter PVC multicore cable, available in standard 3 meters length cable, or 6m or 12m. Cable of the switch must be protected from any external damages.

Operation Supply with +24vdc on brown wire -0V on blue wire. At first installation, orange LED will light ON, when tag will be presented, LED will flash three times then will light OFF. The RFID receiver keeps the code in memory through a self-learning system.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Comitronic - BTI


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