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Comitronic-BTI AMX5CK Safety Switch stand alone - Position control for doors / casings on hazardous machinery


  • Level of performance without an external controller : PL = d
  • Level of performance with AWAX controller : up to PL = e
  • Safety category without an external controller : 3
  • Safety Integrity Level : SIL 2
  • Cycle before dangerous failure : B10d = 2,000,000 at 2A
  • Max. activation distance : 10mm, 2mm hysteresis
  • Safety contacts/diagnostics : 2 x NO 2A/48V redundant / 2xPNP 250mA auxiliary (open/closed door and locking/unlocking of contacts)
  • Detection encoding : mono-code inviolable
  • Note : two-color LED indicates the key locking position; white LED indicates code recognition
  • Reset : automatic
  • Attachment : 4 tamper-proof M4 screws (optional ref: BH4)
  • Mounting position : 2 (double wall brackets)
  • Material : Polycarbonate
  • Electrical connection : M12 metal base
  • Water resistance : IP 65
  • Temperature : -15°C…+60°C
  • Marking : screen printed + serial no. for traceability


The AMX5CK is a coded electronic autonomous sensor using our process ACOTOM3  allowing to detects the opening of the mobile protectors on dangerous machines. It is the first switch in the world that can detect its own safety failure and that prevents the safety line from closing. Moreover, this switch offers a high level of reliability. The housing of the both elements (the transmitter and the receiver) is in polycarbonate. Like all safety product, this switch must be periodically checked.

Position control for doors / casings on hazardous machinery
Manages person entry in hazard zones using an electrical locking key
Contactless encoded electronic sensor with relay
Category 3 total safety management without an external controller
Electrical locking key with position contact
Example of application

1) Key free = sensor disabled. AUX2 output sends voltage (e.g. Unlock command). The operator takes the key and enters the zone.
2) Key trapped = sensor activated. AUX2 output cuts the voltage (e.g. Lock command). The operator cannot enter; otherwise the sensor will be triggered, cutting off power to the machine.

Integrated auto-control

This product range integrates an auto-control device and dry contacts for use without an external control box (Pl d/SIL 2). Shock resistance: 10G

Additional Information

Manufacturer Comitronic - BTI
Product Name / Options Price (ex VAT)
Comitronic-BTI AMX5/CK CAT.3 and CAT4 in serial on AWAX 2NO+1NF 50cm cable + M12 connector with Key Call for Prices