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Tesch F221 Input Expansion Module


  • 2 input circuits compatible with devices with 24 VDC semiconductors outputs: light curtains (light beam arrays) with semiconductor outputs other protective devices with semiconductor outputs 17.5 mm housing
  • (DIN rail compatible)
  • Diagnostic LED indicators
  • Plug-in terminal blocks


The F221 Input Expansion Module allows a light curtain or other protective device with 24 V DC solid-state outputs to be integrated with F200 Safety Systems. Additionally, an emergency-stop command switching device can also be connected to an F221 Module. The Basic Module and Extension Modules are inter-linked through a data bus, for which connections are made simply by means of plug-in connectors on the front of the Modules. Data transfer and power supply are routed through the same bus cable and connectors. The F221 can be integrated with an F200 System to implement safety systems based on F210 / F211 Basic Modules, with combinations of solidstate switch, limit-switch, and relay contact inputs to precisely match users' application requirements. Up to 10 Extension Modules can be cascaded in this way so that a maximum of 22 inputs are available. Each input can be controlled through 1or 2 channels depending on the safety requirements of specific applications. With single channel control, the inputs are connected to the terminals of both channels. For light-curtains with relay outputs, F220 Input Expansion Modules are used instead. The LED's on the front of the Module provide information on whether the input signal levels are high (green) or low (red). The narrow width of the module housing ensures compact system configurations, making it easier to extend the system at a later date. Modules can be inserted at any position in the input chain: the system is automatically reconfigured when it is switched on.


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