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Tesch F211 Safety Control Unit For Light Curtain Applications



The Model F211 is designed for safety control in Emergency Stop applications, per DIN EN 60204, Part 1 / VDE 0113, Part 1 (11/98), Section 9.4. It conforms to EN 954-1, Category 4, for the highest safety level. The F211 can be combined with other modules of the F200 Series to configure safety control systems with numbers of inputs and outputs matching users' specific application requirements, as well as diagnostic and networking capabilities. The F211 Basic Module has an integrated input section with 2 inputs, each of which can be controlled independently of one another. Therefore, for example, two safety light curtains (beam array barriers), or one light curtain and another safety device, can be connected to the F211. A cross-fault between both input signals is not detected by the F211, since this function is usually integrated into the light curtain with solidstate switch outputs. For light curtains with relay outputs, one or more F220 Input Expansion Modules or an F210 Basic Module may be used, depending on the inputs configuration. An F200 system, consisting of one Basic Module connected to a combination of Input and Output Expansion Modules, can have up to 22 inputs and up to 10 output contacts. Three signal outputs feed all connected contact-equipped protective devices. For dual- or single-channel activation terminals on the appropiate input have to be linked according connection table overleaf. The F211 monitors the individual channels constantly to check their connection to one another, and to check for interruptions. It opens the safety contacts if either an appropriate control or fault condition occurs. The status of inputs/outputs and diagnostic information are indicated by LED lamps, signalled by relay contacts and solid-state switch outputs, and also trans-mitted through a serial data interface on the front of the Module.


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Tesch F211x01 Basic Module 24Vdc (07400180) Call for Prices