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Elster Accessories

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  • Elster A1700 GSM/GPRS Telemetry Modem - (UK515-000)

    • Modem compatible communications data rates up to 9600bps
    • Error correction including V110 (for ISDN/GSM connected Host)
    • Always on GPRS capability as standard
    • Industry standard 25 way D-type socket interface
    • Advanced Super Caps allow no battery operation (Std Product)
    • Flexible power supply of 6V to 14VDC
    • Standby mode with current drain of < 50mW
    • Typical average operating power of < 500mW
    • Plug in compatibility with other Delta Plus and many other modems
    • Local or remote antenna
    • Dimensionally compact and cost effective
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  • Elster A1120/1140 Bespoke GPRS/GSM/SMS Wireless Modem

    • Modem compatible - data rates up to 9600bps
    • Error correction including V110
    • IP connectivity for AMR using low cost GPRS services
    • SMS AMR capability with programmable read time and remote diagnostics
    • Industry standard RJ12 plug interface via fly lead
    • Host powered
    • Local or remote antenna
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  • Elster A1700 Multi Utility Input Module MODVAL-L

    • Inputs for creation of end of billing and/or end of integration period
    • Inputs from external meters
    • Programmable scaling factor
    • Records input pulse or engineering units
    • Three customer defined registers
    • Input circuit detection without use of external power
    • Battery backed
    • Pulse collection continues when power to meter is removed
    • Class II isolation from meter
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  • Elster PowerCom 2 A1140 and A1700 RS485 to Modbus Converter

    • Network: Up to 32 meters
    • Power Supply: 90VAC to 230VAC (Available in both 115V to 230V environments)
    • Accommodates: The A1700
    • Connections: 3 Core Wire
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8 Item(s)

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