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Core Balance CTs

The CBCT, also known as a zero sequence CT, is used for earth leakage and earth fault protection. The concept is similar to the RVT. In the CBCT, the three core cable or three single cores of a three phase system pass through the inner diameter of the CT. When the system is fault free, no current flows in the secondary of the CBCT. When there is an earth fault, the residual current (zero phase sequence current) of the system flows through the secondary of the CBCT and this operates the relay. In order to design the CBCT, the inner diameter of the CT, the relay type, the relay setting and the primary operating current need to be furnished.

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  • DEL..N - Core Balanced Transformers

    IME DEL..N - Core Balanced Transformers from 28 to 310mm

    • Core balance transformer for Delta & RD earth leakage relays.
      • DEL28N - 28mm I/D
      • DEL35N - 35mm I/D
      • DEL80N - 80mm I/D
      • DEL110N - 110mmI/D
      • DEL-A110N - 110mm I/D split-core
      • DEL140N - 140mm I/D
      • DEL-A150N - 150mm I/D split-core
      • DEL210N - 210mm I/D
      • DEL-A310N - 310mm I/D split-core

    from: £22.95 ex VAT £27.54 inc VAT

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